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2010 1 ~ 10 months national mechanical industry production sales
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:672Times    Key Words:industry production sales      Time of issue:2010-12-30

          2010 1 ~ 10 months, the national mechanical industry production is steady and fast growth, new products value continue to grow faster than production growth, especially the construction machinery industry new products value strong growth, but export value of growth is dropped by month-to-month trend. Monthly bulletin of statistics in 119 species of main products production, the cumulative year-on-year growth of 105 species, which completely reports the varieties of products 88.24%. As follows:
          1. The production, sales, steady and fast growth.
          1 ~ 10 months, whole profession completed industrial output 115087.32 billion yuan, an increase of 33.82%, growth than in 2009 21.53 percentage points higher over the back, annulus 0.77 percentage points, Complete sales value 112358.71 billion yuan, an increase of 34.29%, growth than in 2009 22.36 percentage points higher over the back, annulus 0.79 percentage points. Although total industry production and sales growth fell by month-to-month trend of high has not changed, but the production, sales continue to a steady and fast growth.
          2. Auto industry production growth dropped slowed.
            Machinery industry twelve industry production are tending to growth momentum, and 2009 year-on-year growth in more than 35% of five industries, which in turn is: engineering machinery, machine tools, automotive, mechanical foundation piece and internal combustion engine industry. From production growth industries with comparative look, automobile industry last month of production is still twelve industry growth dropped larger industries, but fall faster than two months prior to the narrow somewhat than 1 ~ 9 months, narrow 1.01 percentage points.
          3. Construction machinery industry new products value strong growth, continuous 10 months growth over 80%.
          1 ~ 10 months, machinery industry whole industry finish new products value 21613.26 billion yuan, an increase of 35.21%, growth than 2009 higher over the 18.63 percentage points. Branch line of business looks, machinery industry twelve profession new products value are tending to growth momentum, year-on-year growth in more than 40% of the five industries, which in turn is: engineering machinery, mechanical foundation pieces, food packaging machinery, cultural office and instrument, including engineering machinery new products value 1 ~ 10 months year-on-year growth than in 2009, 81.94% higher over the 60.98 percentage points, new product output growth for 10 months keep over 80%.
           4. The second half month export value of growth dropped.
           1 ~ 10 months, machinery industry whole profession completed export value of 11716.02 billion yuan, an increase of 35.42% than last month, with the highest growth rate dropped slightly, changed since export value of 2010 cumulative growth by month-to-month improve the basic trend. From that month export value of growth see, since June started the month fell nearly two months after the trend, fall have accelerated. In different holding enterprises, foreign invested enterprise and private enterprises to export value of monthly rate dropped a respectively compared with 0.24 1.2 percentage points, state-owned enterprises than last month accelerate 2.85 percentage points.
            5. The industry ratios slightly lower than the national industrial level.
            1 ~ 10 months, mechanical products sales 97.63%, than for higher over the 2009 0.34 percentage points, but slightly lower than the national industrial product sales productivity (97.8%-101.5%). From the different scale enterprise look, large enterprise ratios is the highest, 98.92% dropped annulus 0.16 percentage points.
            6. In statistical 119 species of main products, product accumulative total 105 species, accounting for completely reports the year-on-year increase product 88.24%.
           With double-digit growth of products has 86 species, which completely reports the product 72.26%. 14 product output in 2009, accounting for the report to reduce product 11.76%. Specific products complete the situation is as follows:
          To October, large and medium-sized tractor and crop harvest machinery production growth, yield increase year-on-year growth 29.63% 51.4% respectively, compared with 55.02 a and improve 71.27 percentage points. Small tractors, food processing machinery and cotton machinery continuous production two flourishing, accumulative total year-on-year growth 19% above all.
          Monthly bulletin of statistics in five kinds of engineering machinery products in four kinds of products year-on-year increase in more than 50%, rapid growth is excavator, spade soil transportation machinery, compaction machine and loaders year-on-year, both in 51 percent or more. Growth lower concrete machine also reached more than 11 per cent growth.
          In recent months, machine tool market demand were obviously improved, 1 ~ 10 months metal cutting machine tools and metal forming machine kept fast growth, both in 23 per cent year-on-year growth above. Among them, nc metal cutting machine year-on-year growth is more outstanding, 66.85%. Nc system equipment for 10 months year-on-year growth in a times above.
           1 ~ 10 months, producing auto 1498.25 million vehicles year-on-year, there were 33.79% crude protein, 15.48% continue to grow faster in highs trend. Among them, the basic 31.13% year-on-year increase passenger vehicles. Although multi-functional and sport utility passenger vehicles than slowing growth last month, but is still all kinds of models in growth prominent models, year-on-year growth 58.22% and 103.08% respectively. Carrying cars and highway passenger year-on-year, a steady growth 27.38% and). Low-speed carrying automobile production continued to drop.
          Instrument industries, industrial automation instrument and control system and optical instruments is growing rapidly, 1 ~ 10 months year-on-year growth of both in 26% of above. Automobile instruments in the automotive sector to keep high growth, driven by 1 ~ 10 months 65.76% year-on-year growth.
          1 ~ 10 months, generating equipment growth and keep balance basically last month, including steam turbine generator year-on-year growth, 5.06% hydro-generating year-on-year drop 15.67%, WTG continued rapid growth, year-on-year growth rate than last month 53.91%, improve 1.67 percentage points. Electrician product the low voltage switch board and industrial furnace is growing rapidly; the year-on-year growth 65.73% and 44.68% respectively.

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