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Engineering machinery rental industry booming countries situation analyses
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:691Times    Key Words:rental industry     Time of issue:2010-12-30

            At present many parts of the world to promote leasing business development potential conditions, such as increasing significantly from have equipment to lease equipment change is in the ascendant, construction engineering activity remain at high levels and main equipment manufacturers in leasing business vigorously promote etc. In addition there are many other factors make prediction leasing business development speed is extremely difficult. These factors include the U.S. economy development and the European economic effects, and from having equipment to lease equipment change speed itself is a complex problem. Even in general terms discuss the development speed of the leasing business also has blindness. World leasing company facing the special market are usually very complicated and not to have zhang ke abide.
            Global engineering machinery lease statistics gradually consummation
            Although prediction is difficult, but at least global engineering machinery leasing industry development of statistics is becoming more and more perfect. American lease association (ARA) joint GlobalInsight consulting company has obtained the north American rental market statistics. At present the European lease association (ERA) followed imitated, through a consulting firm statistics about 15 European countries rental market and related data. ERA has announced a preliminary estimate data, namely European equipment leasing market in 2006, the total size of approximately 215 billion euros, and GlobalInsight companies have also begun to prepare a more detailed study of the report.
           Global engineering machinery rental industry continued to increase
           Obvious is currently leasing industry in the global scope, despite continued growth growth rate was very different. In more mature market, Japan giants are trying to expand their rental business, although the merger of the market trend continues, but its growth rate estimation is not soon. In Britain, for engineering machinery industry foreground the optimistic forecasts shows that the leasing industry in the next 3 ~ 4 years growth rate will reach 4% ~ 7%. In Britain the 2012 Olympics will surely promote the vigorous development of leasing industry.
           British equipment leasing area going through a period of instability period, but lease consultants DanKaplan prediction "2008 market will have small revaluation, won't appear fell sharply, and larger leasing company will likely in the 2008 continue to maintain growth." United leasing company recently released the optimists forecast 2008 report also seems to be verified this view.
          Indian engineering machinery rental industry analysis Z
          The widespread notion that in a broad range of infrastructure construction development background, India engineering construction field will continue to maintain the prosperity and development trend, and will thus becoming a more mature equipment rental market. Indian engineering machinery leasing industry in recent years have made substantial development. With caterpillar, for example, at present the in India had 12 families all operators, although to rental market quantized difficult, but caterpillar leasing business growth is obvious. According to the caterpillar asia-pacific consultants WilsonHu said, 2005 caterpillar in India sales of products sold leasing industry only about one percent in 2007, this number rose to 5%.
            In fact, caterpillar all operators have achieved great success that other manufacturers also begin to focus on India equipment rental market. Hitachi and Tata joint venture company, one of India's largest equipment vendors of Telcon company channel management and distributor development department manager RajivChaturvedi in an interview, "lease is a very promising industry. Telcon companies have been involved in this field, we are to achieve further development plans."
           However in India, engineering machinery industry's most famous brand is affiliated to the lease financial group of engineering equipment SREI group Quipo company, the company's total assets of more than $125 million.
           Quipo responsible for the company's vice President in the eastern Indian business H.S.B hattachrjya said, in 2007 the company buy 700 machines in the total investment over us $25.6 million. He describes Quipo company for Indian engineering machinery leasing business development expected very "radical" : "we expected future 2 years of growth rate will reach 200%."

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