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Homebred seed processing machinery urgently need to ascend
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:655Times    Key Words:Homebred seed ascend      Time of issue:2010-12-30

          Seed processing machinery of experimental research and developed by experienced from single to units, then developed into seeds processing equipment process.
          China's seed processing machinery development later, since 1970s introduced from abroad in the early 1990s, 8 0 single seed processing equipment, introduced in the late 1980s, seeds processing machinery into the self development, research, production, and promotion of fast development period. Through the digestion and absorption and development innovation, developed a batch of comparative suitable for China's national conditions of seed selection machine, drying machine and seed processing equipment. However, at present, these type of properties and processing capacity has can't satisfy the rising process requirements.    First of all, some host a vibrating big, short life of faults. Secondly, energy consumption is of the same products abroad 2 to 3 times, Third, because most is the overseas prototype generic products, its performance, far less than JinKouJi. Various local manufacturers often imitate each other, there are few designers to explore the characteristics of seed, according to actual use to improve mechanical, leading to have special processing need seeds mechanical nowhere purchased.
           In order to sell the products to their own, no matter what kind of requirements, user production enterprise reply often are "yes, applicable", with changeless should 10 thousand changing, and no exact seed test data. Reinspection to foreign production of seed-coating machine adopts computer quantitatively control medicine, coating quality of ratio is guaranteed, and domestic seed-coating machine are baeckereimaschinen operates type measuring, low accuracy, coating quality assures hard. Meanwhile, foreign exposurer high quality, coating after seed liquidity is not affected by moisture, bagging won't increase metamorphism, and domestic exposurer moisture content high, seed-coating after film slow, sticky, affect liquidity, bagging prior to dry, otherwise is extremely easy to deteriorate.
           After almost 20 years of hard work, the current domestic seed processing machinery factory has developed more than 20 home, can produce 11 class 120 many seeds processing machinery, can comprise 15 different forms of seed processing equipment. China's seed processing machinery technology progress is the key to design and manufacture according to the characteristics of unit can seeds, will the machining process and seed performance requirements unifies, improve the quality of domestic equipment, expand the market occupancy, realize the relevant equipment. Because domestic equipment on price obvious comparative advantage, if can be in material, manufacturing process, technical performance and reliability in use reached imported units or single indicator, even if prices doubled, its market potential is enormous.
           China's seed processing machinery has broad prospects, on the one hand, good mechanical processing improving seed quality, improve seed commercialization process and the market competition ability, On the other hand, can increase the seeds processing enterprise benefit. Improving seed processing machinery quality, improve seed processing machinery function has become the manufacturer's new topic.
            Concerned expert advice, seed processing machinery enterprise should summarize experience, and grasp the opportunity, doing the following job.
             First, establish adapt to the development of market economy mechanism, make the seed processing machinery research and production of combined.
             Second, striving for the national capital support, start a batch of seed processing machinery research projects, the introduction of key technologies, the acquisition of advanced processing equipment and mould, establish one to two modernized demonstration production enterprise, produces an internationally advanced level of seed processing machinery.
            Third, lead the regulate the circulation market, avoid blind repeat introduction.
             Four, organization experienced technical personnel tackling, suitable for the development of the situation of seed processing machinery, for China's seed truly to go into the international market and lay a solid foundation.


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