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Domestic and foreign valves standard
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:688Times    Key Words:valves standard      Time of issue:2010-12-30

Standard standard names GB12232-89 common valve flange connection iron gate valves
GB12233-89 with common valve iron globe valve movements kai-check China valve
GB12234-89 common valve flange or butt weld connection copper gate valves
GB12235-89 common valve flange connection steel valve and movements kai-check China valve
GB12236-89 common valve steel swing check valves
GB12237-89 common valve flange and butt weld connection steel ball valve
GB12238-89 common valve flange and to clip connection butterfly valve
GB12241-89 relief valve general requirement
GB12242-89 relief valve performance testing method
GB12243-89 spring directly load type valve
GB12244-89 valve general requirement
GB12245-89 valve performance testing method
GB/T13932-92 common valve iron swing check valves
GB/T15185-94 iron and bronze ball valves
JB309-75 gate valves parameters
JB311-75 check valves parameters
JB1761-91 screw pad
JB/T1762-92 valve structure element plate body size
JB2202-77 spring safety valve parameters
JB2203-77 spring safety valve structure length
JB2205-77 valve structure length
JB2206-77 valve technical conditions
JB2311-78 ball valve technical conditions
JB2766-92 PN16.0 ~ 32.0 MPA forging high-pressure valves structure length
JB/T5299-91 common valve hydraulic controlled butterfly check valve
JB/T5300-91 common valve materials
JB/T6438-92 valve sealing surface plasma arc surfacing technology requirements
JB/T6439-92 valve pressure casting magnetic powder flaw detection inspection
JB/T6440-92 valve pressure casting industrial radiography examination
JB/T6441-92 compressor with relief valve
JB/T6495-92 valve structure element disc (or disc) t-shaped slot size
JB/T6496-92 valve structure element stuffing box dimensions
JB/T6497-92 valve structure element stem ends size
JB/T6498-92 valve structure element disc and stem connection slot size
JB/T6899-93 valve refractory test
JB/T6900-93 drain valve
JB/T6901-93 closed eyes valves
JB/T6902-93 valve porositi liquid penetrant examination method
JB/T6903-93 valve forged steel pieces of ultrasonic inspection methods
JB/T6904-93 QiPingFa inspection and test
JB/T7248-94 valve with low-temperature steel casting technology conditions
JB/T7744-95 valve sealing surface plasma arc surfacing with alloy powder
JB/T7745-95 pipeline ball valve
JB/T7746-95 shrink diameter forged steel valves
JB/T7747-95 needle valve
JB/T7748-95 valve cleanness and determination method
JB/T7749-95 cryogenic valves technical conditions
JB/T7927-95 valve appearance quality requirements. Porositi
JB/T7928-95 common valve supply requirements

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