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Machinery industry are analyzed and the 2010 career prospects in 2011
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:1769Times    Key Words:Machinery industry career prospects      Time of issue:2010-12-30

         The current machinery industrial economy running situation overall is good. From observing, 1-10 months a year-on-year growth potential of the month after month fell back, but the second half speed greatly slows, industry economy operation speed has high stabilises of power. Is expected to 11, December will continue to slow dropped, but is expected to reach more than 30% annual accumulative total of high-speed growth. Looking next year, continue to maintain arapid growth significantly increased the difficulty of the growth rate is expected to be apparent than this year.
         This year 1 - October machinery industry realized added value year-on-year growth than in the industrial 21.4% 4.0) higher than the average growth (or 5.3 percent in industrial sectors, continue to list. Complete output 11.5 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase 33.82%, including: 9 and 10 two months of monthly output exceeded 12600 billion yuan, a record.
          Judging from the output year-on-year growth speed, 13 branch line of business of engineering machinery, as the highest growth 50.30%; Machine tools, automotive, basic parts, internal combustion engines for about 40 per cent; second, Instrumentation, electrician, wen run, petrochemical general again, to around 30%. Food packing machinery, agricultural machinery, juki is relatively lower, but also achieves 20% above.
          1-10 cumulative monthly sales ratios for year-on-year increase 97.63%, 0.34 percentage points. 1-8 months accumulative total industrial sales value year-on-year growth, "stock" 36.0% GDP year-on-year growth rate for 26.0%, "stock" of the "products" growth was 9.8 per cent. Machinery industry 118 main products, 104 kind of yield year-on-year growth, accounting for 88%, 14 species decline, 12 percent. Most major product output in realizing growth; A few product yields, mainly: large tractor parts, such as farm machinery products, gas turbine, hydroelectric equipment for power equipment, metal rolling mill etc metallurgical machinery.
          1-8 months accumulative total, machinery industry realized total profits 6110 billion yuan, an increase of 63.59%; The chief reason for the increase in profits supernormal: one is the price of steel low, reduced cost, and secondly because production growth, the scale benefits could be fully utilized. Taxes total 2802 billion yuan, an increase of 30.75%; Advocate business wu income 7.06% year-on-year profit margin for improving 1.11 percentage points, for in the highest level, Enterprise KuiSunMian year-on-year drop 3.8%, Deficit-ridden enterprises in the forehead 29.68% year-on-year reduce loss.
          Part of high-end gear export competitiveness rising power generation equipment have accounted for about 15 per cent annual export. Shanghai electric group on October 28 and India citic prudential group for once export 36 Taiwan 66 900mw supercritical units, and the contract value as high as 82.9 billion dollars.
         CAI President says, machinery industry certain trend is noteworthy, mainly displays in: one is the growth rate is high but has now dropped by month-to-month potential of the auto industry, 2 it is to rational growth regression ultra-high speed growth, the third is partial industry the consequences of excessive competition started to come, four is the import grew faster than exports the movements of the worrisome, five is the high-end gear independent innovation by rivals block.

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