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Equipment industry standards management implementation rules came into effect
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:720Times    Key Words:industry standards management implementation rules came into effect      Time of issue:2010-12-30

              Ministry of industry and information on the introduction of the equipment industry standards management executive detailed rules (interim) on June 1st.
              This detailed rules apply to ship, machinery, automobile and aviation four industry industry standards work, the industry standard of proposing, drafting, examining and approval, the approval and publication, publishing, reexamination and modify etc standards procedure as detailed regulations. According to the regulations, industry standards formulated by the management work KeJiSi letter of the centralized management of equipment industrial company specifically in charge of equipment industrial industrial standards management work, Industry standard technical supporting institution assist equipment industrial company unfolding industry standards management work, department authorized agencies entrusted by equipment industrial company developing industry industrial standards daily management work. Shipping industry department authorized agencies for China shipbuilding industry comprehensive technical and economic research institute, among them, the Chinese heavy industries group corporation subordinate enterprises of industry standards formulated by the Chinese daily management work dhi group company standardization research center is responsible.
              China shipbuilding industry comprehensive technical economic research institute, vice President of the li qiang thinks, this detailed rules appearing, give standard and management work provides detailed policy basis, made clear the project from standard to review each link specific requirements, "who will do", "do", have a clear answer, straighten out the standardization work procedure, will impel the industry standardization work more and orderly development.

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