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2010 of the second batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies nearly forthcoming
Releaseman:Yeziliang      Browse number:680Times    Key Words:Farm machinery purchase subsidies issued nearly      Time of issue:2010-12-30

          Recently, the ministry of agriculture, ministry of finance jointly issued the completes the 2010 of the second batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and implementation work notice issued by 2010, the second batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies nearly 55 billion yuan, and to do all over implementation work made deployment.
          "Notice" pointed out that this year the first batch of farm subsidies issued after purchase, all carefully organized and implemented overall progress faster, the effect is good. For further mobilize peasants buying machine enthusiasm, the central government budget for the second batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies nearly 55 billion yuan, which is mainly used to solve the first batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies insufficient funds and the second half of the agricultural mechanization production in urgent need of agricultural machinery purchase requirements. Everywhere around protective cultivation, the straw comprehensive utilization and pure little sowing, cultivated land, deep loosening and maize, rice, rape harvest such key agricultural mechanization technology popularization, key subsidies corn harvest machine, rice harvest machine, the straw &stubble breaking land-returning machine, deep deep loosening machine etc agricultural production machinery. Meanwhile, according to accelerate agricultural mechanization development mode change, optimize the structure and layout of the requirements of agricultural machinery, promote high-horsepower, high-performance, double entry homework machinery development, accelerate old agricultural machinery, promote the update scrap homework machinery and tractor kit machinery development, improve, improve the utilization ratio and supporting than energy consumption and reduce the unit to avoid low-level repeating the purchase, the waste of resources and profits down. The second batch of funds subsidies machine types, subsidies product catalogue, subsidies object, subsidies standards according to the ministry of agriculture etc., are general office, the ministry of finance on printing and distributing the 2010 agricultural machinery purchase subsidies implementation > the guiding opinion circular (agricultural fortune [2010] 28, hereinafter referred to as the implementing instruction opinion ") concerned regulation is carried out. Qinghai yushu ChongZaiXian subsidies ratio can improve earthquake to 50%.
          The "notice" requirement, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should be in the light of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies special funds use interim measures for the administration of (wealth farming [2005] no. 11) and the guiding opinions on implementation of earnest organization to implement. Various agricultural mechanization competent department, financial department should cooperate closely and strengthening leadership. To strengthening policy propaganda, public subsidy policy, to let farmers understand farm machinery purchase subsidy policy contents, operating procedures and relevant requirements. Should regulate operation, innovation mode, ensure agricultural subsidies purchase subsidy policy implementation just, fair and public.
          "Notice" stressed the need to strengthen supervision. Various localities should further implement the state council "three forbidden" requirement, strictly implement the farm subsidies purchase management system ", "five items must be observed" eight not "regulation, resolutely banned farm machinery purchase subsidies charges. Various agricultural mechanization competent department, financial departments should strengthen of farm subsidies and supervision of the purchase of protecting scheme formulated, in the implementation of the key period, sent DuDaoZu overall self-examination, key inspection subsidy object determination, subsidies management system operating, subsidies machine regulation, and subsidies machines quality service price etc. The ministry of agriculture, ministry of finance will conduct selective key inspection, discover a problem, will not coddle investigated and severely.

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